PhD Candidates

Vesta Eleuteri, MSc

DK "Cognition & Communication 3"

Thesis: Multimodal communication in African savannah elephants (Loxodonta africana)

Supervisor: Dr. Angela Stoeger-Horwath

Mario Gallego-Abenza

Project: FWF P29705-B29 "Social Dynamics und Cognition in wild Ravens"

Julia Victoria Grabner, MSc MSc

Thesis title: „Acoustic information integration and dynamic decision making in common marmosets“

Supervisors: Michelle Spierings, PhD; Prof. Thomas Bugnyar

Paula Ibáñez de Aldecoa

DK "Cognition & Communication 2"



Kim Kortekaas

DK Cognition & Communication

Project: "Social physiology of wolves and dogs during a simulated hunt."

Theresa Matzinger

Project title: “The role of prosody in language evolution and change“

Supervisors: Prof. Tecumseh Fitch & Prof. Nikolaus Ritt

Daniel C. McBride Mann

Ernst Mach Grant (Worldwide) 2016-2017, Project: “The Sonority Sequencing Principle and Budgerigars”

Research Fellow


Supervisor: Dr. Marisa Hoeschele

PI: Prof. W. Tecumseh Fitch

Alex Munteanu

DK "Cognition and Communication"

Project: "The emotional basis of raven social relations"

Camilo Rodríguez

DK "Cognition & Communication 2"

Dhwani Sadaphal

DK "Cognition & Communication 3"

Thesis: Rhythmic cognition and social bonding in humans

Supervisor: Tecumseh Fitch

Jeroen van der Aa

DK "Cognition & Communication 3"

Thesis: Mechanisms underlying rhythmicity in humans and non-human animals

Supervisor: Tecumseh Fitch

Katharina Wenig

DK "Cognition & Communication 2"