Department of Cognitive Biology

UZA 1, Biologiezentrum

Althanstrasse 14

1090 Vienna

Austria, Europe




Lab-Manager Cognition:


Tel.: +43 1 427776101

The department of Cognitive Biology is located at the BioZentrum (UZA1) at 14 Althanstrasse, 1090 Vienna.  

Subway (U-bahn):

By U-bahn, the best stop is Spittelau, about an eight minute walk from the BioCenter.  Just head due south, past the Hundertwasser building, across the street, and up along and past the former Wirtschafts University.

The entrance to the Biology Center, UZA1 is directly across from the entrance to UZA2 (which looks newer, and has some stairs descending to about 20 large white squarish pillars, quite unmistakeable).

The Cognitive Biology corridor is located in the east half of the building.  The doors are often locked: you may need to knock on the door. The north entrance to the corridor is at Ebene 2, Spange 4, Abteilung F (Cognitive Biology/Ökophysiologie). The south entrance is on Spange 3.

By taxi or tram:

If you come by the D tram from the center of town, or by taxi, enter via the south entrance of UZA1, located at Althanstrasse 14.

From this entrance, come up the escalator and then ascend the small stairs to level 2, then you must walk most of the way along the central corridor (past lots of skeletons, the student shop, and a second student alcove), till you reach a large square opening looking down onto the floor below.  The CogBio Department will be through the glass doors on the right, and up the small stairs.  You will then see the entry to our corridor, with glass doors, on the right.  

Go through the doors on the right, and you will see signs for "Cognitive Biology

see also the map at: